Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aluminum Bottle Stove

Yup... another alcohol stove. The Aluminum Bottle Stove (ABS) is a pressurized side burner alcohol stove. It works really well, is far more aesthetically appealing than most alcohol stoves, and is very sturdy (I can stand on mine without crushing it).

You can purchase commercial versions, the White Box Stove (it comes in a white box) and the B.I.O.S. from Tinny at Minibull Design right here in Maine.

Here's a side view of the stove and priming pan.
This version has fewer side jets than the commercial versions,
simply because I didn't have a small enough drill bit at the time.

Here's the top view. This is a double walled stove.
The inner wall is a portion of the neck of the aluminum bottle,
the outer wall is obviously made from the bottom of the bottle.

The Aluminum Bottle Stove is made from... you guessed it... an aluminum bottle. Emphasis on "bottle", it is not a can. Aluminum bottles are quite a bit harder to find than your usual aluminum soda can. These bottles have much thicker walls than soda cans, so the stove is really quite tough. It acts as it's own pot stand so you don't have to worry about misplacing extra parts.

If you're interested in your own, I do know that Budweiser makes aluminum bottles (these are sold mainly to be able to bring into stadiums - no glass allowed there). Mt. Dew has been making them lately as well but I have yet to find out where you can buy one.

Here's a fantastic Do It Yourself video from Russell the Weekend Adventurer. He's got a few great projects on his site, check them out. Look for the DIY section.


  1. Very hard to find (for me!)bottles. Breweries are now switching (economics?) to (gulp!) PLASTIC!!!

  2. Plastic??? For beer? That's just wrong in every way.

    I was just in Orlando this last week and we went to Sea World and Aquatica. They sell beer in those aluminum bottles there... for $6.00 a bottle. It's crazy. I wouldn't buy one, but I was tempted to snag a few of the empty bottles before they went to the trash. I don't think my wife would have been too keen on that one.

    But, any stadium type atmosphere will have them in aluminum (most any). Baseball games should. They're not allowed to sell glass bottles because people could use them as weapons.

  3. This ABS is just another White Box Stove knockoff.

    If you can't find the aluminum bottles contact and buy one there.

    White Box Stoves is one of the most copied stoves around and for good reason... they work great.

  4. Yes, it's exactly that - and you're right - they work great (so long as it's warm enough out).

    I have a link to the whitebox stove website right at the top of the post.

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