Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Over-Under" Hammock

In Maine, during most of the year I like hammocks with bug nets. I also like hammocks, occasionally, without bug nets. I like hammocks with ridge lines. I sometimes like hammocks without ridge lines. When it gets cold, I like to have a top cover on my hammock to retain some heat. When it’s warm I like to let the breeze blow over me. I like the way the Hennessy Hammock is enclosed. I also like the freedom of an open, top loader hammock.

I want it all. I don’t want to spend the money it would take to buy it all. So, I made it all into one integrated hammock.

The "Over-Under" hammock gives me all or none of those options, in one integrated and user friendly system. I can sleep “Over”, using it like any other hammock – with or without the attached bug net. Or I can sleep “Under”, mobilizing the integrated top cover to keep me nice and toasty warm.

You can sleep over the top layer or under it… hence, the "Over-Under" hammock.

Option 1: "Over"

In this mode you use the hammock like any other. Use it as your camp chair before kicking back for the night. Use it for sleeping – lay on the diagonal for a very flat bed. Slide your pad in-between the layers if you'd like. Drape the bug netting over the ridge line if needed, or leave it rolled up and tied off when unnecessary (bug net not seen in these pictures). Stake out the side pull tabs if you want… or don’t. This is a very versatile hammock.

Option 2: "Under"

When the weather gets cold and you'd like some extra warmth it's time to transform the hammock into mode two. Unhook the ridgeline from the carabiner. Slide it through the covered button holes in the top layer so it goes through the center of the hammock, and then hook it back where it was. This causes the top layer to stay up and out of your face just like the bug net. Open up either of the 4 foot Velcro entrances and crawl inside. Now you’ve got an adequate wind block, yet breathable and surprisingly roomy space inside.

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