Monday, April 20, 2009

Kirsten's First Hang

The weather warmed up a bit this last week.. finally. I got home from work and cut down some dead trees in an area of the far back yard that I mowed down last Saturday. Doing some much needed yard work now that Spring has finally arrived? Well, yes and no. Cleaning up the yard and gaining another quarter acre from the thistles was only secondary.

I really just wanted to clear a nice spot to try out my many homemade hammocks. The winter was long and the "do-it-yourself" bug had bit me pretty hard. I made nine of them.

Yup. Nine.

Anyway... I was so excited about having a spot to hang a hammock I had to try out my latest design. It's not completely set up yet, it still needs bug netting and some adjustments on the ridgeline - but it worked great! And my baby girl Kirsten got to "hang" with daddy tonight. She really enjoyed staring into the woods. It was a little cold out so she's wearing her "base layer", fleece pj's, and snuggled up with a blanket in the baby sling that Jason's wife made for us.

Snuggled up with daddy... there's nothing better in this world.

Mommy caught Kirsten giving daddy a zerbert. Good timing mommy.

Cutest baby in the world? Why yes, yes she is.

So, about the actual hammock. It's a two layer design, with access between the layers from either side. The ridgeline is 2.5mm accessory cord, reflective, as you can see. The guy line tabs on either side (like a Hennessy) are adjustable (unlike a Hennessy) - you can move them almost anywhere along the sides.

Intrigued? You bet you are! And wait... there's more.

The top layer can also be used as a top cover in cold weather by running the removable ridgeline through the button holes on both ends and crawling in through the 4 foot velcro entrances. It forms a cocoon that blocks the wind and traps more of your body heat. I like to call it the "Over-Under" hammock. There will be a full thread with details on this design later once I can get some proper pictures taken.


  1. wow this is cool! your a real 'al borland':) The baby is beutiful! Steve

  2. This is very cool! I didn't know you made hammocks, let alone NINE of them. Wow! I love hanging out in a hammock. Love the pictures of you and Kirsten hanging out.

  3. Very cool! Did you guys hang all night or just for a little while?

    Dave (cybrus on

  4. It was only for a little while. Baby steps to turning her into a full blown hammocker. Using a baby sling is a great start as well - it's practically a hammock that you wear.

    I wouldn't try to go all night with my little girl in an open hammock like that. I might try it later in the summer when she's a bit bigger. And only in my Hennessy, since it's fully enclosed and there's no worry of her flopping out in the middle of the night.

  5. maybe you could build a smaller hammock to hang from the ridgeline for the little one? I was thinking about a way to do this for my poor little dog who hates to sleep alone out on the ground, but also hates getting squished by me in the hammock. A small microfleece sling that hangs right above, or next to my main hammock seems like a good solution. Cute pics BTW. ;)~