Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Single Wall Wood Stove - Take One

Yup. More wood fire backpacking stoves. How many is too many?

Too many? What a silly notion.

This is my first attempt at a single wall wood stove. I made it after making the DIY Bushbuddy (double wall stove) and based it on many of the things I learned in it's design.

It's made from a 28oz diced tomatoes can, so it's essentially a free stove - that is, if you need lots of diced tomatoes for anything. Just pop off the top, poke some holes in it, cut out a rectangle big enough to add more wood while it's fired up. Heh... fired up... get it?

This stove works best with a good windscreen (like any stove). Aluminum flashing workes very well. I've tried it with the three layers of aluminum foil type windscreen and it just is not heavy enough to withstand the wind. The aluminum foil presses against the can wherever there is a moderate wind - no matter what I do to keep a gap. The flashing keeps it's shape so it's easy to maintain the required 1" gap all the way around.

The top is 'holed' out just like the pot stand I made for the bushbuddy clone.
The fire grate is not removable. The lower holes go all the way around.

Top view.

I cut off the bottom with a safety can opener so it
can be used as a ground plate to minimize scorching.

Here's how it looks after a couple burns.
Not quite so pretty, but the metal holds up well.

Round two, when I get around to it, will have see some changes. I don't think there is much point in removing the bottom of the can. I'll just leave it on. The fire grate is obnoxious. I'll make a removable one next time, or at least one where the edges don't protrude from the sides of the can (causes trouble with putting it in a stuff sack). This stove burned through the wood VERY fast. I think fewer air inlet holes are in order. Perhaps even fewer exaust holes as well. On the bottom I'll start with a few, on one side, and add more as necessary. Same with the top - I'll start with just one row and add more if needed.

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