Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moxie's New Friend

We've got two large dogs.  They sleep in the bathroom (we have a huge bathroom) and the air can get a little thick in there with the two of them so we often have the window opened about 4 inches.  This evening as my wife and I settle down to relax we hear Mia (the Rottie/Dalmation mix) freaking out - which is not an uncommon thing - but this time it's a bit more than usual.  I go check it out and find the window has been opened to about a foot and a half and no Moxie in sight (the black lab).  He had knocked out the screen and escaped.

Moxie's not the sharpest tool in the shed.  He saw what he thought would be a nice new friend sauntering by the bathroom window.  Turns out they weren't going to be close friends.  I'll let pictures say the rest.


These pictures do not do it justice.  He was in a rough spot - and his freaking out only made it worse.  He's on his way to the vet with my wife now, and Mia is very concerned here, she won't stop whining. 

The worst of it is, I bet he'll do the exact same thing again given the chance.

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