Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hex Tarp

Here are a few images of the Three Season Hex tarp.  This one is actually 1' wider on the outside edge than my stock model, and weighed in at 14.6oz with the stuff sack.


  1. Nice work on the hex tarp! This is a great design and i am planing to make my own tarp but i don't know the dimensions or the amount of material i would need to make a tarp like this. Is there anyway you could tell me the dimensions and give any advice on how to make this. It would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Here ya go:

    As for how to make one - check out the DIY section at There are lots of folk over there who can answer any questions, and lots of posts already there with instructions and tips and tricks on building your own tarp.

    And I would be amiss not to mention that you might want to check out for materials. There are no tarp guides up on that site as of this reply, but they will be coming in the future.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your projects!

    - Scott